• Posted on: 11 December 2014

Betting in sports is something that has occurred for the longest of times but it has increased exponentially more with the creation and evolution of the internet as people can now do it without having to leave their house and simply do it online with their computers.

Wilson Raj Perumal is a convicted Singaporean match-fixer who has had connections with a number of worldwide matches and events such as matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and also been revealed that Perumal has even rigged competitions in the Atlanta 1996 and Beijing 2008 Olympic games.

Perumal has advised the public to limit the number of online bets which are made to only high-level leagues which are not easy to manipulate or rig in any way as those leagues and matches are safer to bet on and not be disappointed with a certain result that might emerge.

"The best thing to do is to curb online gambling. Even if licenses are given to some companies, betting should be limited to high-level leagues which are not easy to corrupt to stop match fixing completely is something that I don't think can happen for now. In order to stay afloat, some clubs and some players are still involved in match fixing, especially in less developed regions in Eastern Europe and Asia, Raj Perumal said.

Manipulating matches and trying to get results to match the bets made by people is especially vulnerable and has had occurred in many occasions in leagues and clubs where the financial power isn’t as high in comparison to other top European clubs as they just don’t have enough cash to completely satisfy the needs and necessities of certain players and this is why even certain players decide to join the betting scandal.