Vietnam has officially legalized formal betting on international matches

  • Posted on: 6 March 2017

When it comes to gambling in football, this is a subject that is very sensible and controversial as many players and even officials in the sport have done it.

Some have been caught while others haven’t but nonetheless, strict rules have been implemented in order to restrict any activity that is related or have to do with gambling.

Vietnam is about to have things a bit more different and are going to be less strict as a new decree is scheduled to be released on March 31 which will allow citizens to bet on international soccer games as well as horse races.

Only international soccer matches that are recognized by FIFA and approved by Vietnam’s sports ministry will be eligible for bets and the minimum allowed are 44 cents while the maximum is expected to be $44 each day.

This will only last 5 years as it’s a pilot project and depending on it goes, the Vietnamese government will decide to where or not implement it on a permanent basis and maybe even larger scale.

Vietnam has traditionally banned most types of gambling involving almost all the major sports that are played but when it comes to soccer, it seems like they have a soft spot for it and are doing things to allow more freedom involving betting.

Recently, there was a big investigation in Vietnam that finalized and saw 13 people being arrested for being involved in a ring of organized bets for European soccer matches which totaled around $130 million. This is something that has been occurring on a regular basis, police have been finding more and more illegal soccer betting rings.

Whether or not the upcoming release of this decree will help or hurt the world of illegal betting in Vietnam is something that only time will tell.