• Posted on: 25 August 2017

There is an increasing number of footballers that have made the shift to horse racing at the end of their footballing career. However, this is not a new trend as there are a few footballers that had done so in the past. Here are 4 former footballers that have made the transition to horse racing.

Joey Barton
Most football fans will remember the former Manchester City and Newcastle midfielder for his antics off the pitch rather than his playing skills. The player was a nightmare to manage for every manager he has played for, and the majority of them will be hoping that he never play for them again.

Joey Barton is an avid horse lover and owns a number of horses. Among his most prized possession is Crying Lightning which he co-owns with former Bayern Munich striker Pizzaro. He said that it has been a smooth transition for him and that given that he is a competitive person, he finds himself at ease in the world of horse racing.

Robbie Fowler
At his prime, the former England international and Liverpool striker was a feared striker and tormented Premier League defence every week. Indeed he has won numerous trophies as a Liverpool player, and it is only the Premier League title that eluded him on the domestic front.

He formed a wonderful partnership on the pitch with midfielder Steve McManaman and how often have we seen the latter assisting Robbie Fowler on a goal.

It is therefore natural that both men continued their partnership after their retirement from football and they are now involved in horse racing. Indeed Robbie Fowler co-owns numerous horses with Steve McManaman. Their most famous horse is undoubtedly Seebald who has been tipped for and won many renowned races.

Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan is yet another former football player that has made the transition to horse racing at the end of his career. The player became famous with Liverpool where he managed to win the league as well as the UEFA Cup. He will them move to Germany where he won the Bundesliga with Hamburg. He is considered as being one of the best players to have ever played for the England national team.

After his illustrious career, he got involved in the world of horse racing. He owns a number of horses and has even opened his own stables in Hampshire. It is reported that his former teammate Mick Channon is his chief trainer. Both men played together at Southampton during their footballing years.

Mick Channon
Mick Channon is yet another former England international that has found solace in the world of horse racing. The former England forward was a great player during his time and has won the FA Cup with Southampton despite playing in the lower division of English football. Indeed he scored 26 goals for the England national team and managed to become Southampton top scorer.

It is a well-known fact that Mick Channon has a love for horse racing and when he ended his career in 1986, he naturally went to his first love. He started his career in horse racing by working as an assistant and work his way into getting his own license. He has since then established himself as one of the best trainers in the country.

Since his transition to horse racing, Mick Channon has won a number of victories, and in one of his most successful years, he has bagged 144 victories. Last year only he had won 71 winners in British horse racing, and this record is expected to become better this year.