Our Champions League Picks

  • Posted on: 19 November 2020

Betting is a very popular activity since ages. Lots of people throughout the world bet on different sports to win money. There are huge turnovers through these sports betting activities and thus it is a very rich industry for many of the sports enthusiast nations.

Though there are some countries which have banned any kind of sports betting but some countries have legalized it as they also can earn lots of revenues from it. The top leagues of football throughout the world are also not detached from the betting industry.

In the running Champions League, some of the world’s best teams are going to face their opponents this week. The English Premier League giant Manchester United had their match against the French club Marseille at the State Velodrome stadium. The betting community was eagerly waiting for the match and had several odds to bet on. There were +750 points to bet for the victory of the French side whereas the odd value for the English Premier League side Manchester United was -275. Those who bet for a draw between these two teams would have gained +450 points. The bet for Over/Under was 2.5 (+140/-177).

On the other hand Barcelona, the Spanish La Liga giants have their clash with the German Giant Juventus. This is a match to which the whole world is looking forward. The top two players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would have faced each other but as Ronaldo has been tested Covid-19 positive yet again, so he is not going to play this match. The odds for the victory of Barcelona are +163 whereas the odds for the victory of Bundes Liga Champion Juventus are +170. The odds for a draw as a result of this match is +240 as the over/under odd is 2.5(-124/+100).