FA Establish New Betting Rules

  • Posted on: 11 August 2014

The Football Association (FA) has established new rules concerning football betting involving any players, clubs, club employees and match officials in the top football leagues in England. These leagues are: Premier League, Football Championship, League One, League Two, Conference Premier, Conference North and South, Northern Premier Division, Southern Premier Division and Isthmian Premier Division.
The new rules and regulations will not allow people to bet on managerial departures or sacking as well as the possibility of transfers or players being signed to a different team, this was something that a few years ago was allowed but will be prohibited from the start of the next season in a few weeks away from now.
Whether the bet is made in person, online through the telephone or any other means it does not matter as the people involved in the betting will be sanctioned and have serious consequences.
The former player of As.Roma Simone Farina a few years ago played a pivotal role during the 2011 Italian football scandal which involved a number of football-related figures being arrested and a number of other sanctions after they were allegedly believed to be match fixing.
Simone Farina was contacted by his former As.Roma teammate Alessandro Zamperini who offered him €200,000 in exchange for Farina to alter the result of an Italian Cup match between Cesena and Gubbio in November of 2011. Farina denied this offer as he instead reported it to the police and with all of his evidence, the police later managed to arrest 17 people that were involved in this type of betting and scandals.
Farina recently spoke about the new rules and changes that have been done as he said: "Footballers need to be strong and say no to match-fixing. The FA is working hard to educate children, footballers, coaches and referees. It's everybody's responsibility to play fair."